The Toowoomba Gastroenterology Clinic         

Scott Street ClinicDr Robyn Nagel MB, BS, PhD FRACP has been practising medicine for 38 years, specialising in gastroenterology and hepatology for 29 years and working in Toowoomba for 24 years.

The current practice is located opposite St Vincent’s Hospital in Scott Street at the Medici Medical Centre.

Consultation service for problems regarding
- Gastroenterology (gut, bowel, stomach problems)

- Hepatology (liver)
- Bowel continence
- Nutrition
- Upper endoscopy (gastroscopy) more info
- Lower endoscopy (colonoscopy) more info
- Capsule endoscopy (Pillcam) more info
- Hydrogen breath test for fructose intolerance. more info
- Urea breath test for helicobacter infection. more info
- 24 hour oesophageal /gastric pH monitoring. more info
- Neotonus chair therapy - to aid continence more info
- Sacral Nerve Stimulation – for faecal (and urge urinary) incontinence. more info
- Intragastric balloon placement- weight loss device. more info